Philly councilman wants diversity among licensed pot growers

A Philadelphia councilman is calling on Harrisburg to make sure medical marijuana business opportunities don’t skip over the city.City Councilman Derek Green said he is lobbying the state to make sure Philadelphia receives a “fair share” of medical marijuana growing licenses and distribution facilities once they become available.”I have a concern as we move forward with the licensing opportunities, what will be here in the city of Philadelphia both for grower-processors and also for dispensaries,” he said Monday.

Philadelphia is part of a an eight-county region for medical marijuana.  And, under state rules, only 10 dispensaries and two growers will get licenses in that region.

“I want to make sure the city of Philadelphia is represented in the Southeast region — and also have a diverse representation from that perspective as well,” he said.

Green said he is reaching out to the governor’s office with his concerns.

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