Derek’s Vision for Philadelphia

“I am running for City Council because I have the experience to get things done with a vision to make things better. In areas like education, poverty, jobs and public safety, I believe that my leadership can improve our City.”

Improve City Schools

  • Develop a regional coalition of local elected officials to advocate for fair funding for the children of Philadelphia
  • Ensure there is adequate funding to educate children with special needs
  • Continued support for the expansion of full-day Kindergarten classes throughout the City
  • Expand and improve job training education for high school students who do not plan to attend college
  • Look for opportunities to fund programs that emphasize a strong academic foundation, career-related learning opportunities, and intensive advisement


Creating Jobs and Economic Development

  • Examine, review and work to change City policies and ordinances that hurt small businesses and stop them from growing and providing jobs
  • Listen to the concerns of business owners and entrepreneurs and work to implement laws and policies that help job creation
  • Find partners to establish small business incubators for small business startups
  • Work to increase the number of small businesses, which will reduce poverty and provide more money for education, city services and labor contracts
  • Explore new opportunities to connect small businesses with larger corporations in order to bring more jobs to our communities and neighborhoods.


Improve Public Safety

  • Advocate programs that are smart, not merely “tough on crime”
  • Find funding for effective and common sense public safety programs like the District Attorney’s Focused Deterrence initiative
  • Ensure that city police and firefighters have all the equipment they need to keep residents and themselves safe
  • Continue financial support for the City’s SafeCam project, which helps police to quickly apprehend suspects and prevent crime
  • Support programs that take guns off of the streets


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Work with Governor Wolf, the General Assembly, the Mayor, and fellow Councilmembers to ensure that Philadelphia schools get their fair share of state funding
  • Sustain budgeting strategies that maintain the city’s improved bond rating
  • Explore new strategies to reduce city expenses and promote new initiatives for better coordination and efficiency among city departments.
  • Advocate for programs and initiatives that upgrade city technology, which lower costs by increasing
    energy efficiency
  • Ensure that city government operates effectively and efficiently